Recent New Primula Species

Primula hydrocotylifolia.
The New Year is a good time to reflect on what is new in Primula. In my Original Description Project, the list of all Primula species is a moving target. In particular, there have been several new Chinese species discovered and described recently but new species aren't limited to China. New species include:

Primula anthemifolia G.Hao, C.M.Hu &  Y.Xu - This tiny species has leaves which resemble those of the Genus Anthemis (pinnately dissected) and was found in Sichuan. It is a member of section Aleuritia, subsection Glabra.

Primula dejuniana G.Hao, C.M.Hu & Y.Xu - Discovered in Sichuan, this species is a member of section Petiolares, subsection Davidii and resembles P. davidii and P. tenuituba but is distinguished by the leaves.

Primula hunanensis G.Hao, C.M.Hu & X.L.Yu - This species is named for the province of Hunan where it was discovered. It is a member of section Carolinella which is noted for its calyptrate (opening by a lid) capsules and is similar to Primula levicalyx.

Primula hydrocotylifolia G.Hao, C.M.Hu & Y.Xu - Discovered in Sichuan and very similar to Primula veitchiana but is smaller and less floriferous. See above and the Species Gallery for more images.

Primula pelargoniifolia G.Hao, C.M.Hu & Z.Y.Liu - A yellow flowered species discovered in Chongqing and most similar to members of section Cortusoides. Named for the "Geranium" like leaves (Pelargonium).

Primula subpyrenaica Aymerich, L.Sáez & López-Alvarado - Discovered in the Pyrenean range in the NE Iberian Peninsula, this species is in section Auricula and is closely related to Primula auricula.

Primula wawushanica G.Hao, C.M.Hu & Y.Xu - The paper for this is accepted but not yet published at this time. It was discovered in Sichuan and is a member of section Petiolares, subsection Davidii.

There are also changes to the taxonomy of Primula. They include:

Primula bullata Franch. var. bracteata (Franch.) P.Eveleigh, J.Nielsen & D.W.H.Rankin
Primula bullata Franch. var. forrestii (Balf.f.) P.Eveleigh, J.Nielsen & D.W.H.Rankin

From the book "The Genus Primula L. in India":
Primula bella Franch. var. moschophora (Balf.f. & Forrest) S.K.Basak & Mati
Primula calderiana Balf.f & R.E.Cooper var. strumosa (Balf.f. & R.E.Cooper) S.K.Basak, Maiti & Hajra
Primula firmipes Balf.f. & Forrest subsp. subansirica (G.D.Pal) S.K.Basak & Maiti
Primula tanneri King var. nepalensis (A.J.Richards) S.K.Basak & Maiti
Primula tanneri King var. peralata (W.W.Sm. & Fletcher) S.K.Basak & Maiti

Happy New Year and Best Wishes to All in 2016!


  1. This is an enticing post which will send me to all sorts of internet searches and actual page turnings in an effort to link names, places and mental images for at least a couple of these species. I'll probably even leave marginal notes in my copies of Halda and Richards. Thanks! (Judith S.)

  2. Glad you are inspired Judith! It's always fun to compare the new species with related ones and see how they differ.