Primula boreiocalliantha

Primula boreiocalliantha is one of the most beautiful species that I have seen in the wild. In 2009, and again in 2014, I saw it near to Hong Shan in Yunnan and then again in 2014 in Muli, Sichuan. This species has  4 synonyms : P. coryana (from Muli), P. muliensis (from Muli), P. propinqua (from Yunnan) and P. hongshanensis (from Yunnan). It is distinguished by large, rose purple flowers to 3.5cm wide and spear shaped leaves, thickly coated with farina below. The flowers appear in tiers or whorls. This species seems to require specific growing conditions, usually under mature rhododendrons with little competition from other herbaceous plants. I have seen it growing in the company of P. szechuanica and P. secundiflora.

The video below is from Hong Shan in 2014. More images are in the Species Gallery.


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