China 2014

Pam travelled to Yunnan, China in the spring of 2014 to hunt for Primulas. Click image for more...

Primula Rediscovered

Primula bracteata and Primula bullata are found in their type locations after 125 years.

Near Lhasa, Tibet

How do you tell the difference between P. tibetica and P. fasciculata?

Primula ambita in the Wild

The first ever cultivated plant caused a stir at Chelsea earlier this year.

New Primula Book

The latest Primula book is a revision of the 106 species of Primula found in India.

Recent New Primula Species (2018)

The New Year is a good time to reflect on what is new in Primula. There has only been one new species discovered this year:
Primula luteoflora
Primula luteoflora X.F.Gao & W.B.Ju - A new Davidii species with yellow flowers similar to P. epilosa and P. wawushanica. From near Mupin in Baoxing county, Sichuan.

In Addition, a new variety was described: Primula bullata Franch. var. delavayi D.W.H. Rankin. This is a robust variation, up to 70cm tall with up to 60 flowers per scape.

Happy New Year and Best Wishes to All in 2019!

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