Leaf Venation in Primula

Venation is the arrangement of veins in a leaf. This arrangement can be a distinguishing characteristic of Primula.

Pinnate Venation is vein arrangement in a leaf with one main vein extending from the base to the tip of the leaf and smaller veins branching off the main vein. This is the most common arrangement in Primula.
P. blattariformis
Pinnate venation in P. blattariformis

Palmate venation is vein arrangement in a leaf with the principal veins radiate out from a single point, most commonly where the leafstalk/petiole ends, and diverges out toward the edge of the leaf. Only a few Primula species have this arrangement such as: P. latisecta, P. palmata, P. vaginata, P. septemloba, P. alsophila, and P. geraniifolia.

P. palmata
Palmate venation in P. palmata


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