Location, Location, Location

Real-estate agents often advertise the value of location when selling property. Similarly, location is an important piece of information when trying to identify Primula. GPS coordinates give an exact location which is useful when trying to locate a plant again, but even a general location such as the name of a pass can be useful. If we select images from several people from several locations of the same species, we can plot a distribution for that species. If we are trying to identify images of a species and we know it come from a certain location, we can compare with species found at or near that same location to narrow down our possibilities. We can also give herbarium sheets a fabricated coordinate so that type locations can be compared with new sightings. Lastly, we can look at distributions of sightings and question those that seem far beyond the normal range to cross check identifications.

Locations for Primula Images - each marker may represent over a thousand images


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