New Flora of Nepal

At present, the only online information on Primula specific to Nepal is in the form of an online checklist at Efloras.

That is changing with the new Flora of Nepal project, created by a partnership between the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, several Nepalese institutions: Government of Nepal; Nepal Academy of Science and Technology; Tribhuvan University, and the University of Tokyo.

The website is available at

This new flora will be published in a ‘dynamic flora model’ so that if new specimens/information means an update is required, then that information will be incorporated into the accounts and the newest versions will be made freely available online as pdfs in the PDF account library

The account of Primulaceae is not completed, and there is no completion date available, but other Families are done such as Papaveraceae which includes the popular Genus Meconopsis. The Online Flora Accounts provides a clickable key which leads to a taxon description, distribution map, notes and lower taxon. Extensive field work is accompanying this Flora, and specimen data, both new and historical, can be mapped in Data. Some Blog posts about the field work are on the Botanics Stories webpage at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh website.

It will be wonderful to have this new Primula knowledge base available.



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